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Piksel.s by Jayb

Hi there! I'm Jayb Paule, the owner of this blog, 18 years of age taking up BS Psychology. My blog contains different articles, journals, photos, illustrations and features that are made/composed by yours truly.

God-centered Bosconian. Photo Enthusiasts. Food Adventurer. Aspiring Indie Film Maker. Frustrated Write-up Artist. Hot-Coffee-in-a-Rainy-Afternoon Lover.

na-aamaze po ako sa mga work nyu kua, since nung last year pa na nirecommend s akn tu ng friend ko. more power to u and sa craft na passion mo. :)

Thank you so much.. I really do appreciate it. :D..

Sana pati yung love-life ko meron ding ‘more power’. haha jk..
Hope you’re doing good out there…ho!